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"Like a bulletproof vest for your wallet..."


306 Customer Reviews

  • Jonathan- 4.3.14

    Great idea for a product. You should make one for Breast Cancer Awareness and donate some of the proceeds to the fight against breast cancer. Just an idea.
  • Martha- 4.1.14

    Very Fast Shipping!!!
  • Tony Gonzalez- 3.11.14

    I saw this featured on a special report for San Antonio. I had no idea that I had been carrying around one of these cards since last year, so I ordered a SignalVault right away. I got it within a couple days and now my info is secure. Thanks
  • Angela - 3.9.14

    Saw this on the news and ordered one for me, the husband and my daughter who lives in Boston. Much easier than the metal wallet I bought and a great deal for what the report said this can do to protect you.
  • Cynthia R. - 3.5.14

    It is scary how good these thieves have gotten. Why would the bank give you a card that has a chip without giving you something to protect it with??? I think they should give you one of these automatically whenever they send you a new card.
  • Robert A. - 2.26.14

    Heard this on radio and checked out the website because I know one of my cards are chipped. I got my order the next day and after a quick call to the company over a little confusion on if I keep the card in the wrapper or not, I was ready to go. Once you put it in, you don't even realize it is there. I put mine behind my debit card and I can still get to it without any trouble. I feel better knowing my money is safer with this in my wallet.
  • Thomas S. - 1.16.14

    I placed my order on Monday with a promo code I got from a friend and my card showed up yesterday - seriously fast shipping in a premium black bubble mailer. The actual signal vault was in a clear plastic packaging that you just tear off and throw away. I tested it at CVS because I emailed the site to see how I could actually confirm that it works and this thing does really work. This really is the best product on the market and this is something that everyone needs or will need before the end of 2014. Thanks for a great product, I'll be recommending this to all of my friends.
  • Manny - 1.16.14

    Got mine in the mail yesterday and I really like the whole design. Kinda got this Matrix style look to one side and easy directions on the other side. I think I was hit at a gas station and they cleaned out my checking account for $546. After that I said never again so I bought a few of these for my family because there was no way in hell my wife was going to carry the aluminum wallet around with her but we have joint accounts and if she isn't protecting her card then neither am I really. Get one on these Signal vault protectors.
  • John - 1.15.14

    I heard this on the Monsters on 104.1 and ordered one for myself and one for the wife. I will post a review when they get here.
  • Elizabeth - 1.15.14

    Googled this after hearing it on the radio. Read a couple of the blogs and now I'm terrified!!! I had no idea the criminals had gotten so high tech but I ordered one because I was a victim of the Target scam.
  • MarcusReed - 1.14.14

    Good price point and great communication from this company. I got my order in two days and the packaging kept the items secure and undamaged. I was surprises that there wasn't any literature in with the cards but if you look at the white side, it has pretty simple instructions that shouldn't confuse anyone. Also, you take it out of the plastic! I actually tested it at a gas station near my house and it does indeed work. Overall, I am very happy and if it lasts a lifetime, this is something I would suggests to everyone.
  • Tim - 1.10.14

    I like how easy this thing is. I don't have to worry about it after I throw it in my wallet. Very user friendly and fast shipping!
  • Rebecca A. - 1.9.14

    Really fast shipping and really cool device. One suggestion is to have more colors available.
  • David Marsh - 1.8.14

    I saw this featured in the Orlando Sentinel and placed my order before 3pm. I received my package the next day in a slick black bubble mailer. The cards packaged great and there was no damage whatsoever. I ordered one for myself and one for my wife so I put one in my wallet and gave one to her right away. I like that it doesn't need to be in front of the cards to work so I can still see the cards in my wallet, when I'm in a rush, this helps a lot. Great product and fast shipping!
  • Ann - 1.5.14

    After about a month of waiting, CitiBank just sent me my new smart debit card. I like the added security but saw on the news that hackers can walk by you in the mall and steal your card numbers. I just got a new Coach wallet for Christmas so no way am I going to buy another metal wallet now. My aunt had a security presentation at her job and she bought the SignalVault for me. Color me impressed! I have basically forgotten that the SignalVault is in my wallet but feel much better knowing my card numbers aren't out there for any hacker to see.
  • Jeff Wiseman - 1.2.14

    Ingenious idea!! I bought a few extra for my friends and my secretary.
  • AJ Mcleod - 1.1.14

    I travel internationally 5 months out of the year for work so every single card I carry already has a chip in it and I needed a practical alternative to the AlumaWallets I kept having to replace. This was the perfect fit and fix for me. My firm is considering getting these for all employees who trave and have a company issued expense credit card.
  • benny - 1.1.14

    Simple, practical and it couldn't be any easier to use. Just like he says in the video "just put it in your wallet and you're done." Thanks for a great product.
  • Jill - 12.29.13

    I submitted a question on the site and Chris got back to me within minutes!!! I wanted to see if he could ship half of my order to my daughter just to save me the trip to the post office and paying for postage. He worked with me and both packages arrived quickly and separated exactly as I requested! Excellent customer service and a brilliant product. What more can you ask for?
  • Charlene M. - 12.28.13

    I really could've used this during the summer when I went to Europe. My bank suggested I get a smart card for the trip and when I came back, I had a negative balance in my account. Evidently, someone had a great time in the Red Light District using my debit card. Didn't even know they could accept cards?!?! I wonder where they swipe it?? LOL!
  • Denise - 12.28.13

    I already have the metal wallet but it is on it's last leg so I bought the SignalVault so when the wallet dies on me I already have myself protected.
  • Mary Goldman - 12.27.13

    Very fast shipping!!
  • Anthony - 12.27.13

    Are you guys hiring? I told three prople at my job about this and they all ordered them the same day! I think you should set-up some kind of referral program asap!
  • ArcherDave - 12.23.13

    Before I got scammed at Target, I had no idea about the chip in my card. I always wondered how my card number was being used in California when I had it with me in Georgia. Got your product quickly and have had it in my wallet and the wife's wallet since they showed up. A+ all around.
  • HarveyK - 12.20.13

    I actually met the developer of this, Chris Gilpin, at an event at my job. Really cool, funny and knowledgeable young man. I wish you the best of luck with your product and great website! Keep the updates coming!
  • Aaron Z. - 12.19.13

    I was concerned about this device damaging my new smart phone but I got a quick reply to my question by using the online question form (btw it won't damage your phone). The news is saying these new cards are what we will all be using here pretty soon so be prepared people.
  • Laura Cox - 12.8.13

    Thanks for the fast shipping! Got mine in two days as promised since I was leaving on a trip and needed them before I left. Felt much better knowing I had this protecting my cards.
  • Kenny - 12.2.13

    My company had a identity theft speaker come in and speak to us during our lunch. I was honestly expecting a boring hour long speech but actually found myself really having a good time. If your job brings in the National Crime Stop Program, don't miss the seminar!
  • Catherine - 11.25.14

    I ordered after 3pm and still got mine the next day. I do live pretty close to them but I was still pleasantly surprised when I opened my mailbox the next day! Love the SignalVault but can you make them in pink??



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